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It tells a story …

There are things in life that are irreplaceable! Have the opportunity to observe the smile of a child, especially when he meets with someone she loves, really beautiful to see. Recently, in fact, I witnessed a similar scene and even remembered my daughters (even babies) expressing affection, smiling, hugging, playing and counting thus part of the story of my life.

And you? Already reflected, for example, to decorate one room has everything to do with your story? Do you know why? Because colors, fabrics, objects, furniture and details are es¬colhidos to represent everything that makes him good. How about, then, watch this issue and panning several ideas to decorate the baby’s room? Find, on, different projects in styles and proposals; incredible effects on walls, which can valori¬zar the theme chosen and match the colors of the decor. Have also the chance to learn some special recipes for baby food to feed your baby; following special tips for a healthy pregnancy; find souvenirs, comic books and objects, to taste. And so eternize, throughout life, the relationship with your baby, making it úni¬ca, precious and adorable.

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